The Curious Spirit of New York

Williamsburg New York City

cu·ri·ous 1. eager to know or learn something. 2. strange; unusual. Curious is the perfect word to describe my trip to New York City this past weekend. Sometimes we feel like we need to legitimize the essence of our curiosity, “I want to know “x” because…”. Perhaps we don’t know what “x” is, and that’s… Read more »

Personal Day

My "me day" aka my "teenage boy day"

I highly recommend taking a personal day to spend a little time with yourself. My favourite “Marnie Day” activity is going to my favourite secret place in Toronto. I usually break out my longboard, put my moleskin notebook in my backpack, stop on my journey to grab a sandwich or a shawarma and a beverage… Read more »

What Brings You Joy?

The simple pleasures bring us true joy.

Seriously. Actually ask yourself – What brings you a sense of unattached contentment and delight? Now ask yourself – How can you cultivate those aspects of your life and share them with others? As a clinician, it is imperative that I ask myself – what am I doing to help my patients enhance joy in… Read more »