Change of Season Soup – This Ain’t Your Mama’s Chicken Broth

Dried herbs

Well, I don’t know your mother, but depending on your background, I can assume she wasn’t making soup with Huang Qi, Dang Shen, Shan Yao and Gou Qi Zi. These traditional Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to strengthen our response to seasonal transition. Summer to Fall is rich in changes: cooler… Read more »

Trifolium Pratense


The lovely and abundant trifolium pratense, aka, RED CLOVER. From fields, to parks, to ditches, to garnishes on fancy food- most of us have stumbled upon red clover. It is not only medicinal for people, but it is also cyclically used in farming to nourish fields, taking nitrogen from the air and reintroducing it into… Read more »

Arctium Lappa

Burdock in a sea of goldenrod.

Also known as Burdock, I found a few of these plants in my neighbour’s (unbeknownst) herb garden. One might call the patch of plants growing in between the cracks in the pavement “weeds”, but I prefer to call them medicine. There they were, a few Burdock plants, nestled in with a patch of Solidago canadensis… Read more »