Personal Day

I highly recommend taking a personal day to spend a little time with yourself. My favourite “Marnie Day” activity is going to my favourite secret place in Toronto. I usually break out my longboard, put my moleskin notebook in my backpack, stop on my journey to grab a sandwich or a shawarma and a beverage or 2, then continue onwards to the beach. I take the path less travelled and then duck through the brush to get to a beautiful little pebbled beach. Bliss.

Arctium Lappa

Also known as Burdock, I found a few of these plants in my neighbour’s (unbeknownst) herb garden. One might call the patch of plants growing in between the cracks in the pavement “weeds”, but I prefer to call them medicine. There they were, a few Burdock plants, nestled in with a patch of Solidago canadensis (aka, goldenrod).

Burdock has many medicinal qualities. Most notably, it is an alterative. Plants that have alterative agents produce gradual beneficial change in the body. In a sense, Burdock is both cleansing and nutritive. It helps the body get rid of what is no longer needs and provides nourishment for healing to occur. It is especially helpful in skin conditions (which are often manifestations of inadequate nutrition and impaired elimination/detoxification processes).

Plants are full of life and energy, and as such, act on a spiritual as well as physical level. Energetically, “Burdock helps us to deal with our worries about the unknown… It helps the person who is afraid to become more hardy, while it brings the hardy wanderer back to his original path.”

Godfrey, A et al. (2010) Naturopathic Botanical Medicine. Toronto, ON: CCNM press.

What Brings You Joy?

Seriously. Actually ask yourself – What brings you a sense of unattached contentment and delight?

Now ask yourself – How can you cultivate those aspects of your life and share them with others?

As a clinician, it is imperative that I ask myself – what am I doing to help my patients enhance joy in their lives? A patient who struggles with chronic pain expressed her fear of losing her ability to garden. When I asked her what she loves about gardening she responded beaming with joy, “I love flowers. In the spring, when I’m driving, I see the flowers beginning to bloom- and I think to myself: there is hope.” Her treatment plan included a weekly prescription of cut flowers.

Here are some things that bring me joy: folding warm laundry, laying in the grass on a sunny day, baking a cake from scratch- and letting the process take way longer than necessary, live music… kittens.

10 Things to Remember About Nourishing Yourself

1. Start by adding in healthy foods instead of restricting yourself.
2. Eat more vegetables. Period. Go green. If it’s COLOURFUL is has vitamins.
3. Get creative! Cook, bake and experiment with new recipes. Listen to music.
4. Make healthy PROTEIN a staple- especially for breakfast. Think nuts, eggs, lean meats.
5. You need to REST to DIGEST. Stop, breath, eat and enjoy.
6. Eat with others MORE than you eat alone. Show your LOVE through sharing food.
7. Sweets are ok in moderation (a few times a week)- especially if they are homemade.
8. Water. Drink water when you are thirsty because that is what your body wants. Carry a reusable water bottle around with you.
9. Olive oil, when in doubt, season with olive oil. Get at least 2 tablespoons a day.
10. Walk to the grocery store.